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We as people are so used to doing everything that it just doesn’t feel right asking for help. To some of us asking for help means that we aren’t living up to the high expectations of being the perfect person, parent (that, we set for ourselves), partner, or that it will just lead to disappointment. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to put our pride aside and ask for help. Sometimes, it seems easier to let the tasks pile up without realizing asking for help could break down the stress.

Often the help that moves us most is just ordinary support. Even just hearing “I’m here for you” is all we need!

Here are a few of my methods that help determine when you need to just ask for help – for anyone who tends to take on too much (like me).

1. The to do list stresses you out.

To do lists are not always relaxing, but they also shouldn’t make you feel major anxiety. Even if it’s your mental list (the one that never ends) or a notebook, it shouldn’t get so stressful that you avoid looking at it. Then, it’s probably time to ask for help.

2. You do everything frantically.

You feel you do everything and at the end of the day, you don’t remember what you really did today. When that happens you’re usually past worrying about a list; you’re just trying to do everything you can before the deadline: bedtime.

3. You’re disappointing people (including yourself).

Sometimes you feel that you’re not able to spend enough time with everyone or get things done on time (without a negative attitude) definitely starts to take a toll on you and the people around you. Then, most of the time the finished product doesn’t look how it would if you had the time to complete it full out. I’ve had to learn that asking for help is not admitting to feeling defeated – it’s helping yourself conquer the day at your best.

When you don’t ask for help it can hinder you, in the long run, always know when it’s time to reach out. 



Life Lessons

Life Lessons