The journey of being wild-hearted starts with knowing a heart is wild as it wanders on it’s own path letting the wind guide the way.

Always stretching your wings and ready for the next adventure.

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

There’s always a time in your life where or when you feel that you are an adult. You work, support your family, pay your bills, you cook, you clean, you buy your own groceries, and you make life-changing decisions. Today I had a moment realizing that I am approaching this life crisis where you understand you are at least a little wiser than yesterday. Reaching this point in my life I’ve learned what is really important to me and what I value now more than ever.

I’ve learned that:
The world is full of money. I’ve learned the value of a dollar is nothing when compared to family, self-love and the once in a lifetime moments in life. Money is nothing when compared to other needs or goals in your life. You can always earn money, but memories can never be bought.

The family is everything. This is something I’ve heard all my life from my parents, but since becoming a parent I’ve really learned you can always count on family. There’s always that moment where you realize mother really does have your best interest. I learned that my sisters are the greatest allies I can ever have (seriously we are like Charlie’s Angels). I learned to respect my parents more because of the wisdom they’ve instilled in me. I realized that I will always have somewhere to go and they will always be there.

Your circle of friends will get smaller.Over time you have learned that not everyone who calls you friend isn’t really a friend. You learned that you can only count your real friends on one hand. You learned that if there came a time where you had to delete social media who will stay with you in real life and who won’t. Your social media profiles should really only say, 10 friends/followers. RIGHT?

You will get through. You learned that life has been guiding you all along and that your wishes and dreams have all been in one way or another, granted. You learned to give everything to faith – your disappointments, regrets, guilt, dreams, and successes. Remember that with faith everything will be okay.

Your partner is your best friend. I learned that you can have the greatest confidant in someone you call your partner. You don't have to hide who you are. I learned that that person who stuck with me through thick and thin is worth imagining forever with (even when you never believed in love). I learned that love is not measured in the years we spend together, but the years will always show how solid our partnership against the world is.

You will never be prepared for ANYTHING. You will never be prepared for a job interview (regardless of how extensive your resume is). You will never be ready to relocate (No matter how beautiful Arizona is you could always find out your pregnant 8 days later, like me). You will never be ready to start a family. You may never have all of the things that you expect from the world. But you’ve learned that even when life is scary as hell, you learn to be brave, and that it will all be worth it.