Career Vacation

Towards the end of the year we all go through that reflection stage of what our original New Years resolution was. Every year I always question did I make the right choices as far as my career path. Even though realistically we’ve done everything we could have to better our career, we all start to feel that end of year burn out. No matter how perfect a job may or may not seem, you can feel stuck from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean it’s time for a career change.

In any type of career from teaching to accounting, you can experience a burn out if you don’t give yourself a break. Taking time off is super important, only if it is possible with your job. I’ve heard that sometimes a mental break was more necessary than a physical one. If the job is starting to feel repetitive or you don’t feel like you’re giving it your all, try to think of one thing you feel fulfilled by, maybe like an escape from your current point of view. Sometimes the solution isn’t getting away, but jumping in.

I’ve noticed that when I get overwhelmed no matter how much I enjoy what I’m working on, I start to get that feeling, and sometimes a change in perspective is necessary from time to time. I’ve noticed that in any job the role is bound to change over time from your original job description. Sometimes taking a leap into something else leads to a bigger opportunity.