It doesn’t matter how good/bad your job is or how crazy your family is finding a balance is hard. Every career requires dedication! Like the saying goes-anything worth having is worth fighting for. So if you’re like me and won’t compromise your  family or career, here are a few tips that can apply to both. Hopefully, reflecting on them can help you prioritize and organize.


It can get overwhelming. Make sure you support each other, but also spend time individually, too. I usually feel that after we talk about it, even though sometimes it might not change the situation, we both feel a lot better. Keeping open communication in your relationship is a huge motivator. After a good talk, you always feel reminded that you can handle anything.

Be There

A lot of family relationships suffer because after a long day when you get home you’re  not really present. Bringing work home with you doesn’t always allow you to give your full attention to your spouse and kids. In my opinion, the best way to balance it is to know that both work and family require quality attention. There isn’t a set amount of time you should be having date nights and play time with your kids. When you do have time make it count. I’m learning to not always check my email, be on social media, and really just be 100% there.

Having a career requires passion and focus. You have to remember your commitment and try not to let personal life stress effect your work. When I’m stressed out for whatever reason, doing something creative usually helps me to work through the issue.

Value Your Time

Time is valuable. It’s also an important reminder to reflect, redefine, and refocus on what matters. Revisit this post in a month if you still feel like you can’t find a balance, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your priorities. Maybe you’re needing a Career Vacation, are you taking on too much of a work load? There’s always a solution.