What's Important

As any mom knows, being a parent really puts things in perspective. Nothing is about you anymore – and even though having alone time is important – you start to realize how important your impact and influence is. The little things that used to seem important are non existent compared to what truly matters to you and the well being of your family. Becoming a parent humbles you in that way. Recently, it’s reminded me of something that I think others can relate to, parent or not, of a change in focus that we could all use every now and then.

Sometimes, we all get caught up in things that aren’t  as important or vital to our happiness… like petty drama we never meant to be involved in or life’s everyday minuscule stresses. Honestly, aren’t we all guilty of that? It’s okay it’s only natural, especially because we’re social creatures with a need for connection. But when we start to dwell on the little, insignificant things rather than what’s important, like the strength of your marriage, or to keeping  your faith, that’s when we really need to rethink whats important. It never helps when i let the little frustrations of situations ruin my mood, or my entire day!

It can be difficult to  refocus at times, especially after a rough day, unplanned moments, or a series of bad moments. And if you’ve really been through a lot, it’s hard to know exactly how to turn a negative into a positive. No matter if it’s  big or small, when you feel yourself starting to go there, here’s what I usually do: 

Instead of trying to ignore my emotions, I try to think of the important things instead, and how much they mean to me. I put the joy and love that I begin to feel into the rest of my day. It stops me from worrying, and I begin to notice a change in mindset. Slowly but surely, the overwhelm of those little problems goes away. Everything is more clear, and my mind is content and at peace.
Sometimes you have to train your mind to refocus continually throughout the day, just like you would do with an assurance, but in the end, it’s so worth it.